About Us

About Superior Growers Supply, Inc.

In November of 1983, Superior Growers Supply®, Inc. (SGS®) started as a mail order business, operating out of a small barn.  The first, and only, product available for sale was a 1000 watt metal halide light kit.  Since that time SGS has become one of the leading retail hydroponic and indoor gardening supply merchants in the USA.

Superior Growers Supply has been bringing budding gardeners and commercial growers alike a vast selection of grow lights, hydroponics, organics, plant nutrients and supplements, greenhouse, nursery, and propagation supplies, along with many other garden related gifts and products.

Long before green became the defining word of environmental initiatives, SGS® was purposefully green with an intent to provide hobby growers and serious gardeners alike with ecologically responsible products.  This has resulted in SGS establishing strong relationships with many of the leading plant nutrient distributors in the United States.  This resulted in SGS offering many top-selling nutrients, such as Canna and Ionic, for it’s customers.

Today, dedicated SGS® employees make it their mission to sell trusted and ecologically responsible products to successful growers. SGS® customers include commercial and hobby growers, colleges and universities, high schools, elementary and middle schools, tech schools, restaurants, major corporations, Federal and state governments, research centers, anyone with an interest in growing healthy, productive plants.

Headquartered in Michigan, SGS® has retail stores in Lansing, South Lansing, and Livonia, with distribution facilities in the Lansing area.