The SGS CO2 Program

SGS CO2 Program

Biologists and plant physiologists have long recognized the benefits of higher CO2 content in the air for plant growth. Horticulturists and greenhouse growers have used CO2 generators to enhance growth rates on plants for many years with good results.  Using CO2 in your garden can result in up to a 35% increase in yield.

With the advent of home greenhouses and indoor growing under artificial lights and the developments in hydroponics in recent years, the need for CO2 generation has drastically increased. Plants growing in a sealed greenhouse or indoor grow room will often deplete the available CO2 and stop growing.

SGS offers multiple products that will increase the CO2 in your indoor garden.  The CO2 program is a cost-effective option we offer to our customers.  Below are the pricing details for this program.  See staff for additional details.

CO2 Program Prices

To get started in the CO2 program the prices are as follows:                                                                      

20 lb. tank - $149.95

35 lb. tank - $249.95

50 lb. tank - $415.95


For a CO2 tank refill the prices are as follows:

20 lb. tank - $21.95

35 lb. tank - $31.95

50 lb. tank - $41.95